These are brief descriptions of the areas of ministry opportunities. 

Prayer Team - The foundation of First Church is prayer. We have prayer groups that meet regularly to pray for the church, the pastors, the people, and ministries. 

Buildings and Grounds - The Buildings and Grounds Ministry is a service opportunity involving individuals who desire to help with hands-on building projects, landscaping,  safety and security procedures. This ministry is vital especially for those who like to work behind the scenes with physical needs of the church. 

Children's Ministry - Children's ministries provides a safe place for children to learn about God. Our Child Safety Policy is in place and carried through. The volunteers give their best when teaching and nurturing children in the love of God. 

Community Outreach -  First Church is actively looking for ways to serve others in our community and around the world.  Monthly, special community outreach events are designed to care for people, by providing a worship service to a local rest home, hold a "Kid's Jam" at the housing development and other ministries. 

Guest Services- Guest Services includes various ministry opportunities (e.g. greeters and ushers) that help ensure that every person entering the church feels important and welcome. Information of the church is given to our guests. Assistance is given as needed. 
Media Ministries - This ministry is designed for those who have an interest in sound, power point, videos, lighting, photography, or the website. 

Worship Ministry - The messages of our culture most commonly present themselves in the form of music and visual media. The worship team at First Church focuses on using various talents to provide musical and visual enhancement for Sunday Morning worship celebrations.