Join us for Worship | Sundays @ 10AM



Join us for Worship | Sundays @ 10AM



General Info 

What to expect in morning worship:                                                     sancturry.jpg

Call to Worship: Scripture reading and prayer

Worship Songs: We sing together as a way of worshipping God. 

Pastoral Prayer:  Pastor will lead the congregation in a time of prayer for various needs in the church, the community and the world. 

Offering: as part of our worship, we have a time for the congregation to give back to God.  This is part of the worship for those who regularly attend.

Sermon: Pastor Betty Jean Goodwin usually brings the 'sermon' for the day. This message lasts for 20-25 minutes. It consists of taking a look at the background of a particular Bible text and putting the truths into the realities we face today.
Is there Childcare? a nursery is provided for children 0-5 years.

Is it safe for my children? Yes! Our church has an Child Safety Policy and Procedure in place. All child care teachers and workers have gone through a training, interviews, have provided references and have been "CORI'd". Parents are required to sign the children in when dropping them off and sign them out when picking them up. Only parents can pick up their children.

 What is Sunday Small Groups?  Sunday Small Groups start at 11:15 am for everyone. There is a group room for each age group for a bible lesson and it usually lasts about 45 minutes. This is a time when the bible is discussed looking at the time and culture it was written and how it fits in our lives today. There are groups for children, teens, and  Adult groups to choose from. It's a great way to connect to other people.